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EBook is simply a book you can download to your system including laptop, tablet, and phone as opposed to actual hard copy. People who are in domain of buying and selling eBooks, internet marketing, and online businesses, agree that there is absolutely no better feeling than getting paid for something you’ve created while you sleep, while you crossing the street or while you’re vacationing with your family.

In this article, we will show you some basic steps of creating and self-publishing an eBook to sell it online.

Writing an eBook

First step is to write an ebook. This seems a lot more overwhelming task than it really is. But, writing an eBook is much simpler contrast to writing traditional books. So, when you’re ebook writing, you’re simply putting together information about a topic you know well about with 40 to 80 pages and then saving it as PDF or Microsoft Word, that’s it. Unlike traditional books, where you need to worry about editing, formatting, cover design, grammar and punctuation, none of that matters in an ebook. All that matters in an ebook is having excellent content, which one can find extremely valuable and pay you for that. Before you choose what to write about, you have to decide why you’re writing. Many potential reasons lies while writing an ebook, it could be attracting new clients, establish credibility in market, or to propose a new idea, and the most importantly to differentiate yourself in the market.

Publish your eBook

Next step is to publish your ebook. And, all that entails is putting it online where people can find it. Publishing an ebook requires setting up a website which is again not too complicated. For this purpose, you need visitors so that they can download your ebook. Moreover, you will also need a web host -to host your website. With numerous hosting companies out there allows one to choose from them as per their budget and needs. When people visit your site, this simple one-page website is more likely to act as your sales page to convince people purchase your book. 

Accept payments

Third step is to accept payments. This step is a little trickier as compare to couple of steps mentioned before.  Accepting payments requires two things. First is payment processor and second is shopping cart. Payment processor is something like PayPal, very easy to setup and charge you nothing except for transaction. So, if you’re selling an ebook for $10, they usually charge like 50 cents for it. All you need is your social security number and you’re all set. The second thing you need for accepting payments is a shopping cart. The purpose of shopping cart is to automatically deliver ebook to your customers once they purchase it.

Now you’re on your way to become a millionaire!  The good part of all this process is you keep an eye on the entire process, get all of the potential readers information (so you can market additional products, services, or books).

Other ways to sell eBooks online

There are many other ways to make money from your ebook. One of them is to work through a third-party site like Amazon or Shopify. Ebook readers are more visiting this site for new book with their related keywords. Therefore, you can reach a wide audience through your ebook who don’t have access to your own site directly.